When have you ever heard of a genius asking permission to make a great revolutionary leap?

Did Steve Jobs ask IBM if it was “okay” if he could create a personal computer?

Did Mozart ever ask if it was “okay” if he composed a piece?

Did Oscar Wilde or Friedrich Nietzsche ever ask if it was “okay” if they wrote philosophy?

Genius doesn’t ask, it just does. It feels the tinge of creative impulse and it cannot contain itself, it just does.

In business, no one is going to be the gatekeeper for your ideas but yourself. You are the gatekeeper. You are the only one with control over your destiny.


Step 1: Buy and read The Millionaire Fastlane.

  • I cannot stress this enough, it will be the core competency of your financial freedom.

Step 2: Create an account at thefastlaneforum.com.

  • This is also really important. Many experienced entrepreneurs will guide you in your decision making. Aim at having a high Rep Bank by providing value on the forum.

Step 3: Provide value!

  • The only way you will make money is by providing value to the world. The market votes on your business with its dollars. So go out there and start changing people’s lives! It doesn’t have to be difficult, one good deed goes a long way.

Step 4: Look for problems (opportunities disguised as hard work) you can solve:

  • Problems are opportunities disguised as hard work. Seek these out, and find solutions to them. This will make you money!

Step 5: Name your business!

  • Every great business needs a name.

Step 6: Charge!

  • You are now an expert at solving problems in your field, so start putting a price on your services!

Step 7: Expand!

  • Can you take your business online? Can you recreate your business in another environment? Remember the S in C.E.N.T.S.? Scale your business!


Thank you Elon Musk, for teaching me that you don’t have to compromise on quality to be big. That you can multi-task, and still be great at more than one thing.

Thanks for teaching me, that I wasn’t going far enough, that just because other people don’t share the same vision as me, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

You’ve inspired me, you’ve showed that it takes courage and bravery to tell people, “Here is this new thing, it’s never been done before, but you’ll like it.”


Have you ever wondered why some of the things you set out to accomplish, never get realized? It’s because you’re chasing money, and not a need.

Let me explain.

A need is like a stake that can be driven through a tent to keep it from blowing away.

Money is inherently worthless, paper money has no real value. It used to carry its weight in gold, now it doesn’t.

Attaching your dreams to money is like attaching a tent to dirt with no stake, there is nothing to keep it grounded.