Because I believe accountability is everything, I will be posting and updating projects here.


Innovating a Construction Company

Cell Phones

They used to have Sprint walkie-talkies, but I updated those phones to smart phones with unlimited data. Thus, drivers didn’t have to print out map directions and instead just searched them on their phones.


Getting More Clients for my Brother’s Party Bus Company

Latino 102.7

So far I’ve had great success getting trade deals with my brother and Latino 102.7. We’ve worked out trips in exchange for free advertising! Including radio mentions, web advertising, free merchandise, etc.


Starting an MMA Gym

I guess I should create a website for this endeavorĀ if I’m really serious. But so far, I’ve trained a lot of people.

I would like to create online training so people around the world can learn about martial arts in their own homes.

I had cleared a space in my dad’s warehouse at Fenix for this very purpose, but he decided to fill it with some machinery instead. This is my biggest obstacle right now, as I don’t have a proper training space other than my own home.